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Supporting Us

Donate to CEED or a Participant


Your donation to CEED helps us support our community partners through direct contributions to sustainable community projects in Gulu, Uganda and through leadership development for our interns and volunteers. Please let us know if you would like to designate your donation to a specific project or community partner. You can learn more about our projects here, or feel free to contact us for more information.

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Sponsor a Participant

  •   Gabrielle Bruser

    Fundraising is critical to ensuring my participation in this program and making this amazing experience more accessible to me. However, your donation goes beyond simply supporting my participation; you are also investing in community development in Gulu, Uganda, and in leadership in social justice. My goal is to raise funds to cover the cost of the program fee. In Gulu I will be doing an internship in environmental sustainability through the CEED organization, working with the community to impliment viable environmentally conscientious solutions that will be a benefit to the municipality. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and I will be sure to come back with stories to share with you!

    During the transaction the page will ask you which participant you'd like to donate to, where you can specify the name.

    *When finalizing your donation, please be sure to specify that the money should go towards Gabrielle's fundraising efforts.* 

    Thank you!

    La collecte de fonds est essentielle pour assurer ma participation à ce programme et rendre cette expérience incroyable plus accesible. Cependant, votre don va au-delà de ma participation; Vous investissez également dans le développement communautaire à Gulu, en Ouganda, et dans le leadership en matière de justice sociale. Mon objectif est de recueillir des fonds pour couvrir le cout des frais du programme. À Gulu, je ferai un stage en durabilité environnementale avec l'organization CEED, en collaboration avec la collectivité, afin de mettre en oeuvre des solutions viables et respectueuses de l'environnment que seront bénéfiques pour la municipalité. Toute contribution serait grandement appréciée et je serai sur de revenir avec des histoires à partager avec vous!

    Pendant la transaction, la page vous demandera à quel participant vous souhaitez faire un don, et vous pouvez spécifiez le nom.


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  •   Kayla Ali Joseph

    Who I am:
    My name is Kayla and I’m studying Early Childhood and Elementary Education at Concordia University. I came across this incredible opportunity to participate in a three-month internship program, taking place in Gulu, Uganda with CEED Concordia (Community, Empowerment, Education, and Development). CEED is a non-profit organization that has been active in Gulu for over ten years.

    My internship program is the Technology, Education and Information sharing project. It will consist of organizing computer literacy workshops (how to use Microsoft office, social media, etc.), and setting up a library in the community using donated books. 

    One of my reasons for going is that I’ve always wanted to go abroad (whether it’s working or studying) and I’ve always wanted to see at least a part of the continent where my ancestors come from. (Although my anscestors are from Ghana--Uganda will be the closest I've ever been to discovering who I am. Only step one!)I’m looking to learn about Ugandan culture and way of life. I will also use this as one of the many learning experiences to take with me in my teaching career and in my Sankofa independent writing project. I will also be blogging about my day-to-day or week-to week experiences so this will also be very personal and spiritual experience for me as well. I hope you stay in the loop on my blog: kaetaj.wordpress.com . I’ll take lots of pictures!

    How you can help:

    To participate in this program, I’m going to need your help. In order to cover the costs of the program, the flight and vaccinations, I’m looking to raise 2600$. With your contribution, any size, will help me achieve my goals and enrich the CEED program. I'll be leaving on May 19, 2017.

    Thank you very much for your generosity. 

    Much love and peace,

    *When finalizing your transaction, please be sure to specify that the money should go towards Kayla's fundraising efforts. * 

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  •   Aranija Kathiresu

    When I was a child, I grew up being disconnected from the world around me, especially nature. I did not question the origins of the food I ate, the water I drank and the materials used for the roof that covered my head and the things I owned. I just believed that money can instantly buy anything. Forward 20 years later, I learnt that natural resources I use everyday are limited, conflict arises due to resource scarcity, human health is deteriorating due to environmental toxins and the list goes on. If we keep up at this rate, the future generations will have a poorer quality of life than the current generation. This understanding and realization has shaped me to the person I am today. 

    This summer, I have the wonderful opportunity to go to Gulu, Uganda as an environmental sustainability intern with CEED. CEED is an organization dedicated to social justice, sustainable development and community empowerment. My job will be to build compost systems alongside elementary school students. I will be hosting workshops to educate the students and community on the proper usage of these systems. Currently, most of the waste in Uganda is biodegradable yet most people simply burn their waste. I will also be assisting in tree planting initiatives, to combat the ongoing deforestation of Uganda.

    Your contribution goes beyond just supporting me. It will be an investment for tomorrow’s youth to create a world that is socially just, ecologically aware and economically responsible. Thank you for your support!

    ***When donating, please just write my name in the message box to indicate the donation is for me***

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  •   Amanda Marrocco

    HI! My name is Amanda and this year I’ll be taking part in CEED Concordia’s Youth Entrepreneurship Project in Gulu, Uganda. I will be working alongside Ugandan University students to facilitate workshops, organize business competitions, and distribute grants to young entrepreneurs so that they possess the necessary tools to succeed in their ventures.

    As a Building Engineering student, I hope to aid in the success of this project by applying my skills as an effective problem-solver and coordinator. I plan on focusing my efforts on:

    ·       Professional development

    ·       Formulating an effective business plan

    ·       Facilitating funding through an effective online presence

    I’m looking to raise $1500 to offset some of the costs that I’ve incurred in order to take part in this project. Your donations will go towards:

    ·       Travel expenses

    ·       Vaccinations

    ·       and Program fees

    Every dollar I raise above my target will go towards purchasing textbooks & literature on topics related to entrepreneurship. I will be personally bringing these books to Gulu to expand CEED’s newly implemented library. All additional funds will be donated to CEED to further the incredible work they’ve been doing for over 10 years.

     I’ve worked a great deal over the past several months in order to realize my participation in this project. Your donations would greatly encourage me both in this endeavor and future ones.

     Thank you again!

    ** When finalizing your donation, please be sure to specify that the money should go towards Amanda's fundraising efforts **

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