Top 3 Continental Restaurants in Singapore

Top 3 Continental Restaurants in Singapore

When looking for a Continental restaurant in Singapore, there are many choices. Among them are Gordon Grill, Chopsticks, and Sacha & Sons. Read on to discover more. Here are some suggestions:

Sacha & Sons

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience in Singapore, Sacha & Sons is an excellent option. Inspired by the classic New York Delicatessen, Sacha & Sons serves up traditional American, Russian, and Jewish fare. The entire deli experience can be enjoyed here, from the breads to the pastrami and smoked meats. This restaurant is open all day and offers table service, so you can enjoy your meal without rushing.

The interior of Sacha & Sons is very modern and bright. A deli counter is located near the entrance, where sandwiches and deli wares are displayed. The walls are covered in chalkboard menus, and the wait staff are dressed in traditional deli garb. Although the interior of Sacha & Sons is modern and well-designed, it still has an old-fashioned charm. Not only continentals, Singapore has a great collection of variety of foods. Check out the list of restaurants in Singapore for more.


The concept of LeVeL33 is as unique as its location – this spectacular dining venue boasts a 360-degree view of Marina Bay. Located in Asia’s most desirable business addressTM, the Marina Bay Financial Centre, the restaurant has views that are unparalleled. For a truly unforgettable dining experience, make reservations for dinner. At LeVeL33, you’ll be treated to the best dining experiences in Singapore.

The cuisine at LeVeL33 is inspired by its location, high above the financial district of Singapore’s city-state. Situated 33 stories above the financial district, the restaurant is unlike other fine dining establishments in the city. The restaurant offers three distinct concepts, each with its own unique ambience and culinary offerings. If you are in the mood for seafood, try the Aged Duck Breast, a beer-infused dish accompanied by a citrus glaze and grilled endive.

Gordon Grill

Known for its superb steaks and European cuisine, Gordon Grill has been around since 1963. Diners can choose from the extensive menu, which features meat trolley service, or enjoy a tableside flambe of the classic Crepe Suzette dessert. The atmosphere at Gordon Grill is one of the most pleasant in the city. With its low walls and traditional decor, this restaurant exudes old-school charm. It’s also located on the second level, making it a good option for groups of people.

The Gordon Grill is a perennial favourite, and underwent a complete renovation a few years ago. The lunch set here costs around $50 for four courses or $60 for five. The portions are generous and the food is excellent. It is well worth a visit on any occasion. Its menu also features international specialties and new creations. It is the top choice for steak lovers in Singapore. Here, you will be able to enjoy classic continental cuisine, as well as some locally-sourced dishes.

Most meals in Singapore are served family-style, and many people use chopsticks to transfer the food from the serving bowl to the plate. In this style, people should be mindful not to take food with someone else’s chopsticks. Instead, they should use their own chopsticks to move the food to their plate or bowl. If this is not possible, they can purchase learning aids. Alternatively, adults can learn how to use chopsticks through the advice of their friends or from instructions printed on disposable chopsticks. In addition, various video-hosting sites have instructional videos available on how to use chopsticks.

Eating in a continental restaurant in Singapore requires some basic etiquette. To avoid causing embarrassment to your fellow diners, you should always take off your shoes before you sit down. Also, you should take care not to make too much noise when eating and using chopsticks properly is necessary. For instance, if you are dining with your parents, you should always let them take the first bite. Likewise, in Japan, you should accept dishes with both hands and never lick or suck them. When you’re eating with chopsticks, you should always place them on the chopstick rest or cross the table to avoid touching the table.