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Top Cheapest Coffee Shops in Singapore

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Top Cheapest Coffee Shops in Singapore

For cheap coffee in Singapore, there are several options. Try Uncle’s coffee shop or Bearded Bella, or venture down Venture Drive for a mug of special brew. There are many other coffee shops in Singapore that serve coffee for less than $4, so take your pick! In addition to Uncle’s, you’ll find many other options at coffee shops in the vicinity. Here are some of my favorites.

Uncle’s coffee shop

The cheapest kopi-o in Singapore can be found in Jalan Benaan Kepal in the Food Paradise Food Court. The nameless stall previously sold kopi-o for only 40 cents. It has now been bumping up its price by 10 cents to reflect the changing market. However, the prices at Uncle’s are still cheap. The stall has stayed open for 54 years and has consistently attracted long queues.

Bearded Bella

This coffee shop is known for serving specialty blends of espresso-based coffee. In addition, you can enjoy slow-pressed juices and single-origin chocolates. The owners of this coffee shop are experienced baristas who have worked in the coffee industry for years. The menu features three sizes of coffee – iced, regular, and large. The coffee is made fresh daily using organically-grown beans from Ethiopia.

A new, modern Australian cafe has opened just off of Craig Road. The cafe opened last January with much fanfare and is still attracting a good crowd for brunch. Its contemporary Australian style cafe is a hit with locals. It combines quality food with great coffee to create a unique environment. The atmosphere is also comfortable, as the decor and furnishings are clean and stylish. The co-owners Regina Tay and Michael Hoo have been praised for their work and are eager to share their secrets with others.

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Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

In an effort to appeal to all budgets, Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee serves freshly roasted beans. Located in a ground-floor HDB shop on Stirling Road, this place offers affordable prices for coffee. Its prices are also reasonably low, ranging from S$3.70 for an espresso to S$5.30 for an iced cappuccino. Unlike other coffee shops in the vicinity, this one roasts its own beans.

The company, founded in the sixties, has expanded its business to include several other outlets in the city. It also opened a kiosk at FairPrice Xtra Parkway Parade. It plans to open a 4,000-square-foot roastery in the coming year and a sixth outlet in Raffles Xchange by the end of the year. This location is also surrounded by greenery, making it a perfect place for a morning coffee. The location is also great for people who prefer to sit outside and enjoy fresh air.

Venture Drive Coffee

For those of you looking for a minimalist and cheap coffee shop in Singapore, Venture Drive Coffee is the place for you. Its newest outlet, located in Alexandra Village, occupies half of a typical HDB shop unit and is dedicated to serving coffee and other drinks. Their prices are very low at just $5 for a cup of White. The interior has been recently refurbished, and the coffee roaster and espresso counter are visible to customers.

The owner of this quaint cafe is a former champion of the Singapore Brewers Cup, the country’s premier barista competition. The interiors at this cozy cafe are light and decorated in brown and white, and cups are accompanied by cards describing the beans used to make the beverage. The menu focuses on filter coffees, with several beans from around the world. The only downfall is the price, but the coffee is delicious.

Homeground Coffee Roasters

There are many great coffee shops in Singapore, and the East Coast is no exception. You can find a variety of coffee shops and brunch spots in the neighbourhood of Katong, with many having second outlets. One of these is Homeground Coffee Roasters, which specializes in sourcing good coffee beans from around the world and also serves as a retail shop. The cafĂ©’s interiors are sun-dappled and feature a mix of brown and white decor. Each cup comes with a card explaining which beans were used for that particular coffee. The menu is extensive, and includes light bites as well as heavier dishes.

Homeground Coffee Roasters is a great place to grab a cup of joe during a workday, or a leisurely lunch. They serve a selection of coffees, and they also offer burritos, pastries, and even cakes. Best of all, they charge no GST or service charges and their baristas are passionate about making great coffee.


In addition to their retail stores in the city, you can also buy Highlander Coffee online. If you’re looking for a great place to buy cheap coffee, Lazada is an excellent choice. With millions of products to choose from, you’ll be sure to find what you need. And with Highlander’s low prices, you can save even more money! So where can you buy cheap coffee in Singapore?

The first coffee shop in Singapore, Highlander Coffee, has been around for over a decade and is known for its excellent quality and good prices. Their espresso is only $3.50, and their iced black coffee is just $4. They also have regular espresso drinks as well as iced mochas. If you’re looking for a great espresso, you’ll want to check out their monthly coffee appreciation workshop.


Best Biriyani in Singapore [Get the Real Taste]

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If you are looking for the best biriyani in Singapore, you have to head to Clarke Quay. This is located in the North of the country and is one of the most popular places for Indian cuisine and authentic biriyani. The biriyani is prepared to use the left over chicken that the Indian families make and it is marinated in yogurt and spices before being cooked. The dish is known as biryanis in Singapore and is extremely popular. When you go to this restaurant, there will be a line of people waiting to get their fix of biriyani. At the same time, there are also several places around the Singapore River that also prepare biriyani but they are not as good as the one at Clarke Quay.

The Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel Singapore is another great place for getting a good taste of biriyani. They serve traditional Indian biriyani made from basalt and not too spicy. Some of the dishes that are offered are samosas, chicken tikka masala, chicken tikka chutney and a variety of other dishes. The restaurant offers desserts such as bajajis and palak paneer. There is nothing like the taste of Singaporean food that is made from plain rice and grounded spices.

The La Habana Restaurant is another popular place for biriyani. The biriyani is made from beef and the rice is not thick and does not have the distinct flavor of India. It has an extremely sweet taste and is usually served along with samosas. There are many biriyani restaurants around the Singapore River and the best biriyani can be had here. This is one of the favorite places in the area and is always busy during lunchtime and dinner hours.

Meehashirani Indian Restaurant

Meehashirani Indian Restaurant is one of the favorites in the area. This restaurant specializes in biriyani and is known for it’s thick, tasty taste and aroma. There are many dishes served here including samosas, patty sandwiches and chicken kebabs. They also serve some dessert such as banana splits, cashews and coconut cream. There is also a small buffet that is available which serves a variety of Indian dishes.

Ranga Express is located inside the Singapore Riverside in Bugis Street. The restaurant serves the best biriyani and other South Indian delicacies such as rice and interspersed with sweets and deserts. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very relaxing and one can relax while savoring their favorite dishes. There are many South Indian platters available to accompany the biriyani.

The Bismillah Road Biriyani

The Bismillah Road Biryani is located at the same location as Ranga Express and is also one of the best places to go for a delicious . The chef who cooks here has a passion for cooking and has spent many hours learning the art of making biriyani. Each dish has a unique taste due to the preparation method and is prepared with a great care. Some of the popular dishes here are the chicken curry, samosas and the marinated aubergine.

If we talk about price, this place serves affordable biriyani that is made using traditional methods. The biriyani is cooked on a charcoal grill. If you are looking to find authentic Biriyani then you will have to make a stop at the Bismillah Road Restaurant. You can also make a selection from the wide variety of frozen biriyani that is made at the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of desserts and the most popular choice is the delicious biriyani. This is a simple dessert that has a rich taste and is loved by all. A delicious, fragrant aroma fills the air once you step inside. Biriyani is the biryanis most preferred dessert. The guests who try the biriyani always return for it and ask for the recipe.